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MyHotel Steenwijk

More information?

Oostermeentherand 2 B/C,

Steenwijk, 8332 JZ  |

T: 0521-740 001

Generous, thoughtful and hospitable… These are just a few key words that MyHotel Steenwijk stands for! With a background in the hospitality industry, we (Robert Jan van Setten & Bart Smit) know better than anyone how we can make your stay as pleasant as possible. As a hotel, we do not only stand for receiving our guests, but mainly for the total experience, adapted to your wishes. MyHotel Steenwijk is happy to welcome you with open arms!


We are looking for you!

These are our two open positions:

▹ Weekend help and/or holiday help for breakfast You work until 12:00 to 13:00. You have the rest of the day to yourself


▹ Hostess or hostess. One of your tasks is to keep the breakfast buffet for about 11 tables and check out the guests. That is why we are looking for a hostess or hostess who likes to chat with our guests!


Would you like to come and work at MyHotelSteenwijk? Then we would like to schedule an introductory meeting with you! 

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